Matthew Bennett

Associate Professor of Missions and Theology
Cedarville University
“Fred Farrokh has written a very helpful book on a very important topic for Muslim-Christian interactions. Raised in a Muslim home himself, Farrokh has taken up the task of systematically addressing a traditional Islamic claim: that Christians—chiefly led by Paul—have distorted Jesus’ message and deified him despite his own adherence to Tawhid. In this book, Farrokh works through the historical, theological, textual, and traditional aspects of this claim in order to demonstrate that it is a claim in search of evidence. In fact, it is actually a claim that fights against a pile of evidence to the contrary. Pick up this book and read along with this clear thinker as he teases out the various threads that have gotten knotted up by this attempt to discredit Christian theology while maintaining continuity between previous messengers and contemporary Islam.”

Mark Durie

Institute for Spiritual Awareness
“Have Christians ‘gone astray’? This book considers this question in a gracious and well-informed way.  It offers a timely and generous invitation to Muslims everywhere to seek out the ‘straight path’ of God’s favor, and to walk upon it.  This is a book for all who love the truth and are determined to find it.”

Dr. Steve Krstulovich

Director of Research
Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples
“This scholarly yet readable book provides a fresh look into the claim that Christians have gone astray in their beliefs, which lies at the very heart of Islam’s reason for being. Both Muslims and Christians from a Muslim background can appreciate Dr. Farrokh’s even-handed treatment of this important subject as a former Muslim himself. This is sorely needed in today’s world. Few current writers are addressing this foundational issue; it is not presently part of interfaith dialog.”

Dr. Don McCurry

Ministries to Muslims
“This book by Dr. Fred Farrokh is a superb effort on his part to show that there has been no change in the gospel message from the time of Jesus to the present.  It is well documented, and is a needed read for Christians and Muslims who face the Muslim charge that the gospel has been corrupted by Christians.”

Duane Alexander Miller, PhD

Priest at the Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer, associate professor at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at Madrid (UEBE), and author of Two Stories of Everything: The Competing Metanarratives of Islam and Christianity
“This brief book takes up the important but under-explored issue of tahriif, or the conviction of many Muslims that the pre-Quranic revelations to the prophets had been corrupted in the Scripture, especially regarding the Messiah. This book, in an irenic and non-sectarian tone, addresses those doubts. Muslims seeking more depth in Muslim-Christian relations will find this book of particular import.”